The Founder’s Airport receives Formula 1 participants through special paths

November 29, 2021


 King Abdulaziz International International Airport in Jeddah receives those arriving during the period of hosting the Formula 1 race. The airport, in cooperation with the organizing committee of the event, is working on arrangements to accommodate large numbers of guests and participants, as well as receiving shipments related to Formula 1 such as racing cars and other equipment, which began to arrive in Jeddah during the past few days.


King Abdulaziz International Airport facilitated the movement of passengers arriving on regular, additional flights and on private flights. In preparation for the event, the airport also allocated a number of fast paths and human cadres to serve the arrivals of the participants in the race, starting from the passport counters in which 11 counters were allocated to serve them, passing through customs.  All this while providing them with assistance in the baggage receiving area and providing them with all the instructions and information they need during their presence at the airport.


Furthermore, health services was provided in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, moreover, the Founder’s Airport Administration coordinated with the Airport Traffic Department to achieve a smooth flow in the area designated for transporting arrivals for this global event to their places of residence.


The terminals of King Abdulaziz International Airport were decorated with the Kingdom's flags, Formula 1 racing slogans, models of racing cars in several areas in Terminal 1, and pictures of the participating teams and drivers.


It is worth noting that His Excellency the Minister of Transport and Logistics, Eng. Saleh Al-Jasser, inaugurated the new Al-Fursan lounge affiliated to Saudi Arabian Airlines in the international departure area in Terminal 1 at the Founder’s airport, in conjunction with the extensive preparations to receive Formula 1 guests. The terminal covers an area of ​​(3.5) thousand square meters and can accommodates about (10) thousand guests per day, and was equipped according to the most sanitary and safe manners. It is also the largest lounge for frequent travel members among the 19 members of the global SkyTeam alliance, from different continents around the world.

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