Al-Duailej: The civil aviation sector will contribute to the GDP the equivalent of 280 billion riyals by 2030

January 4, 2022
His Excellency the President of the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), Mr. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Duailej, said that the contribution of the civil aviation and air transport sector to the Kingdom’s GDP is expected to increase to more than 280 billion riyals by the year 2030, God willing. This in comparison of about 80 billion riyals in the year 2018.  
This was during the main panel discussion at the first virtual employment exhibition of the Public Transport Authority yesterday. H.E. stressed that the objectives of the civil aviation sector strategy is for the civil aviation sector in the Kingdom to be the first in the Middle East by the year 2020. Furthermore, to be the fifth rank globally in air connectivity for travelers by reaching more than 250 international destinations, compared to about 99 destinations in 2019.
H.E. said: We aim for the number of passengers to reach 330 million annually, compared to 103 million passengers in 2019. This in addition to be ranked first in air freight in the region, and increase the capacity to 4.5 million tons, compared to about 800,000 tons in the year 2019. He noted the importance of this vital sector in terms of providing many direct and indirect jobs in the sector by the year 2030.
Al-Duailej pointed to the launch of the 10,000 jobs initiative for localization, in which 50% rate has been reached by the end of 2021. The initiative covered various professions in, (airport operation and safety - fire and rescue - aviation security, airport operation services). This in addition to qualifying and classifying 29 professions specialized in the field of air transport.
He went on to drew attention to the 3,200 graduates of the Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation in various diploma programs at various airports in the Kingdom. Moreover, the allocation of more than 38,000 training seats to various workers in the civil aviation system during the past five years.

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