The Kingdom’s Airports celebrates the 50th Bahraini National Day under the Slogan “Solid Links”

December 16, 2021



The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), represented by the Kingdom's airports, participated in the celebrations of the sisterly Kingdom of Bahrain on the occasion of the 50th Bahraini National Day under the slogan "Solid Links". The celebration was an expression of the depth of the relationship between the two brotherly countries.


Several national events were held in the various terminals of the Kingdom’s airports to celebrate this occasion amid precautionary measures to protect against the emerging corona virus (Covid-19), where passengers arriving and departing to the Kingdom of Bahrain were welcomed. The Kingdom’s airports provided souvenirs for this occasion and distributed the Saudi and the Bahraini national flags.  The Bahraini national anthem was played throughout the terminals at the airports.


The Kingdom’s airports witnessed the reception and farewell of passengers arriving and departing from Bahrain with flowers and chocolates. This in addition to phrases of congratulations that were displayed on the large screens inside the terminals. Furthermore, scarfs were presented to passengers arriving from Bahrain, with the flags of the two countries decorated with the phrase (solid links) in celebration of the National Day of the Kingdom of Bahrain in a scene that expresses the bonds and ties of brotherhood and love that unite the two brotherly countries and its peoples.

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