Our strategy will create an unparalleled experience for travellers

16 November 201


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is taking its world-renowned hospitality to the skies as it ramps up its efforts to be the number one in aviation in the Middle East region by 2030.


During the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) participation in the Dubai Airshow, the authority confirmed that air travel is the first and last experience for the traveler, stressing that GACA will create an unparalleled experience for travellers as part of its strategy for the aviation sector. A sector that will witness a huge investments across all points of contact for passengers, which includes airports, airlines, aircrafts and amenities.


The Assistant to the President for Economic Policies and Air Transport at GACA, Mr. Ali Rajab, emphasized at one of the conference sessions that Saudi hospitality on land and in the air is increasingly recognized as being among the best in the world.


He went on to explain that this will be achieved through the establishment of a regional aviation hub in Saudi Arabia, where airports across the Kingdom benefit from record investments to develop facilities and improve accessibility.

He proceeded to say: through Vision 2030, and our strategy, we will witness an increase in traffic to accommodate 330 million passengers annually (three times the current levels) amid services at the highest level. 

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