Safety Management System (SMS) Manual Acceptance (Initial/Amendments)


A given Certificate Holder/Service Provider’s SMS Acceptance Application can be initiated electronically by submitting all the required manuals and documents here. GACA Safety & Risk (concerned department) will be notified once an application is initiated and a confirmation of receipt will be forwarded to the applicant. A conventional (manual) review and acceptance process will take place and applicant will be contacted directly throughout the process.

Operator, Airprot. Employee, Service Provider.
-For existing Certificate Holders and other Service Providers required to have an SMS, refer to GACAR Part 199.13 (a)(1 &2)
-All applicants who submit their initial application for certification after the coming into force date of GACAR Part 5 (1st March 2016) must meet full compliance with GACAR Part 5 at time of initial certification.

In Short:
1. The Applicant submits (SMS) Manual and all related documents to the acceptance of the system.
2. Designated GACA Safety Specialist(s) is assigned to review the submitted SMS Manual and its related documents, to verify their compliance with the GACARs requirements.
3. After reviewing the SMS Manual, Certificate Holder/Service Provider will be notified about any comments/findings that need correction and after rectification, Certificate Holder/Service Provider will be scheduled for an SMS Pre-Audit Visit.
4. Any findings about the Pre-Audit will be sent to the Certificate Holder/Service Provider for correction before an acceptance is granted.
(See Process Flowchart in Help Documents)

Required Documents
1.SMS manual (SMM)
2.SMS Implementation Plan (IP) & Gap Analysis
3.Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
4.Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
5.CV of Director Safety/SMS Manager
6.other relevant documents
Delivery Time
60 Days
Terms and Conditions
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