Maintenance Program Escalation


This service allows the beneficiaries to apply for maintenance program escalation that is not included in the operator operations specifications D76. under the provisions of GACAR Part 121and 125. 

Owners or operators who have aircrafts registered in GACA Saudi registry.
Air Operators who own or work on aircrafts registered in the GACA Saudi registry.
Online Submission through GACA Eservice Portal.
Required Forms
Required Documents
1.Letter of application addressed to Air-Carrier manager explained why maintenance check cannot be performed on time
2.Risk assessment
3.Support document from aircraft manufacture maintenance check can be escalated
Delivery Time
2 business days
Terms and Conditions
Additional Help
1. The No Life Limited parts should exceed their established life limit.
2. No Airworthiness Directive Requirements are exempted.
3. No CMR (Certification Maintenance requirements) deviations.
4. The aircraft maintains and operates in accordance with GACA’s Regulations the applicable GACAR ref and the approved Inspection Program.
5. Copy of the escalation letter placed onboard the aircraft during the extended period.

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