Issuance of diplomatic/military flight authorization


This service allows beneficiaries to obtain flight authorizations for:
  1. Diplomatic Purposes (e.g. transportation of heads of states, ministers, official missions, soldiers, humanitarian aids, UN persons and VIPs).
  2. Military purposes (e.g. combat aircrafts, refuelling aircrafts, transporting of troops and military equipment for the Air Forces, exploratory low or high-rise aircrafts, specially designed aircrafts, military exercises and manoeuvres, and aircrafts engaged in battles and wars in general)
  3. Daily unscheduled activities (e.g. Air cargo, Air Ambulance, aircraft which is carrying fuel tank to refuel other aircrafts or ferry aircraft)
Additionally this service allows beneficiaries to obtain an annual crossing or landing (technical and operational) flight authorizations.

Governmental authorities (especially Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Ministry of Defence (MOD), Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCOS)).
Required Forms
Required Documents
1.Flight authorization application letter
2.List of dangerous goods
3.Supporting documents (approvals of concerned authorities)
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