Issuance of a Repair Station Certificate under GACAR 145 (Renewal)


This service allows the repair station certificate holders to apply for the renewal of their Repair Station Certificates.

Foreign and domestic applicants.
Required Documents
1.Transmittal letter
2.Copy of the proof of fee payment
3.Copy of FAA / EASA certificates
4.Capability listing with revision date and number
5.Repair station and quality control manual
6.Copy of the last self-audit performed within the company
7.Copy of the last audit performed and reported by an external auditor
Delivery Time
Terms and Conditions
Additional Help

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Airworthiness-Repair Station

Tel: 8001168888

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Frequent Questions
Is there any other requirements?

Yes, initial applicant must physically appear for a regulation knowledge test and interview at Certification & Licensing office.

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Whom should I address my request for registration to?

The Director, Certification & Licensing- Capt. Mohammed A. Al-Raddadi and can be reached at 02-685-5257, fax 685-5480.

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Where can I pay for the required fee?

Fees & charges dept, KAIA by airport security department.

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What kind of supporting documents should a representative have?

A letter of authorization by the owner authorizing him to communicate with GACA-S&ER.

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Where can I get this form?

Collect from GACA office at KAIA in Jeddah or through website

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