With effect from 1st March 2016, ground service providers offering any of the following services within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must be certificated:

·         Ramp handling
·         Passenger handling
·         Baggage handling
·         Freight and mail handling
·         Load control and aircraft dispatch
·         Unit load device control
·         Aircraft servicing
·         Into plane fuel services
·         Representation and supervision
·         Surface transport
·         Inflight catering services.
Ground service provider must hold a valid and current economic license issued by the economic department of the General Authority of Civil Aviation.
1.    Prospective ground service providers must contact the Ground Services Operations Department of the General Authority of Civil Aviation for a pre-application meeting. Contact Mr Ali Soud Al Dyab at: aaldyab@gaca.gov.sa.
2.    After the pre-application meeting, the prospective ground service provider will be invited to submit an application for a certificate.
3.    The application will be followed by a document review and on-site audit where operational readiness and compliance with GACAR Part 151 must be demonstrated.  

Each applicant for a ground service provider certificate must include with the application:
a.   Completed and signed application form (in PDF format).
b.   Ground Operations Manual in accordance with GACAR Part 151.63.
c.   Training Manual in accordance with GACAR Part 151.73.
d.   Quality Assurance programme in accordance with GACAR Part 151.101.
e.   Safety Management System Manual in accordance with GACAR Part 5.
f.    Emergency Response Procedures Manual.
g.   Ownership structure and organizational chart with the names and titles of management and supervisory personnel.
h.   A regulatory compliance report showing that the ground service provider meets each applicable requirement of GACAR Part 151.
i.   The names, knowledge and experience of the nominated Post holders as per GACAR Part 151.43.
j.    A copy of the service level agreement between the ground service provider and the aerodrome operator(s).
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