De-registration of an Aircraft


This service allows the beneficiaries to cancel the registration for an aircraft certificate due to is export from KSA.

• The pre-application phase is an opportunity for an applicant to study and seek clarity on the aircraft de-registration requirements. 
• A standard information package should be included:
• Requirements to de-register an aircraft.
• Application form and list of documents, which need to be submitted to support the application; and
• Procedures and approximate processing time so that the applicant can avoid a situation when an aircraft is left without registration. 
• The applicant will need to know and comply with aircraft registration, deregistration, and airworthiness requirements of both States, the exporting and importing States.
• When an aircraft is exported to another State, there may be additional steps added to the deregistration process, The applicant may need to apply for an export certificate of airworthiness.
• When an aircraft is not exported to another State, there may be additional steps added to the deregistration process, The applicant may need to obtain an approval letter from the airport. This approval letter is a formal document that confirms the aircraft's presence at the airport and ensures compliance with local regulations. The process of obtaining the approval letter involves submitting a request to the airport authorities and providing relevant information about the aircraft, such as its registration details and purpose of stay. Once the request is reviewed and approved, the airport authorities will issue the approval letter, which must be kept on board the aircraft at all times. Failure to obtain the approval letter can result in penalties and restrictions on the aircraft's operation within Saudi Arabia.
• An applicant needs to submit a request for aircraft deregistration to the aircraft registration office. Requests to deregister an aircraft need to include:
• The applicant is the holder of the certificate of registration; and 
• The applicant has a power of attorney to de-register the aircraft
• Complete description of the aircraft, including manufacturer name, model designation, serial number, and registration number.
• Certificate of registration. 
• Reason for the de-registration
• Name of the state to which the aircraft will be exported., 
• A written statement made or endorsed by the GACA Fees and Charges Department confirming that there are no un-released liens or unsettled payments against the aircraft.
Required Documents
1.A transmittal letter from aircraft owner/operator or representative.
2.Aircraft Bill of Sale or any evidence of ownership
3.An approval letter from the airport is required to cancel the registration of the aircraft (if the aircraft is located at an airport within Saudi Arabia and will not export).
4.A copy of Confirmation is required from the financial departments of GACA and SANS to ensure that there are no pending payments against the aircraft.
5.Other documents (e.g., power of attorney, Commercial Registration Certification, National ID).
6.A copy of GACA invoice and official receipt as proof of payment.
7.Return the original Certificate of registration within 21 days.
Delivery Time
1-3 working days
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