Conformity Inspection to Add aircraft into the Operations Specifications


This service allows the beneficiaries to apply for Conformity inspection to add the aircraft into the operator operations specifications under the provisions of GACAR Part 121, and 125. 

Online Submission through GACA Eservice Portal
Required Forms
Required Documents
1.Transmittal letter addressed to the Director of Airworthiness and which includes the following information: Aircraft make, model, series, registration and serial number
2.Copy of the flight plan that shows the original rout of the trip
3.Copy of the technical log page that shows the technical discrepancy
4.Scope of work needed to be performed on the aircraft including the ATA chapters
5.Current copy of the repair station certificate (FAA /EASA or CAA) including the operations specifications, rating(s) and capability list.
6.Roaster of personnel authorized by the repair station (requester) who is trained, qualified and nominated to work and performs an airworthiness release.
7.Copies of licenses and training for authorized personnel
8.Proof of fee payment
Delivery Time
5 days include documentations review
Terms and Conditions
Additional Help
The Operator is required to ensure the aircraft is ready for GACA inspector to conduct the conformity inspection and arrange for the transportation.  

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