Changing of Aircraft Registration Mark


This service allows the beneficiaries to apply for changing aircraft registration mark. 

• The pre-application phase is an opportunity for an applicant to study and seek clarity on the aircraft Change registration mark requirements. 
• A standard information package should be included:
• requirements to Change registration mark of an aircraft.
• application form and list of documents, which need to be submitted to support the application.
Once it is determined that the application form and all required documents comply with applicable Saudi Civil Aviation Law GACAR 47, the Aircraft Registration Office will issue the new certificate of registration to the applicant, and update the aircraft register Subsequent to the issuance of a certificate of registration.
Required Documents
1.A transmittal letter from aircraft owner/operator or representative.
2.A copy of Confirmation is required from the financial departments of GACA and SANS to ensure that there are no pending payments against the aircraft.
3.A Copy of Power of attorney (If applicable).
4.A copy of GACA invoice and official receipt as proof of payment.
Delivery Time
1-3 Working days
Terms and Conditions
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