Repair Design Approval (RDA) - Letter of Intent.


This service allows the beneficiaries to request GACA support for certification of major repair to be performed on Saudi registered aircraft. GACA decision to support the applicant is the pre-requisite for Repair Design Approval (RDA) Project initiation.

GACA certificated air carrier, air operator or repair station certificated under GACA/FAR Parts 121, 125, 135 or 145, or a GACA/FAR Part 91 Aircraft Owner/Operator who has engineering resources or can obtain engineering services under contract.
1. GACA Type Certificate Acceptance (TCA).
2. Classification Assessment.
3. Familiarity with the RDA Certification process.
GACA AC 021-07 Alterations and Repairs.
Required Forms
Required Documents
1.Letter of Intent addressed to GACA Airworthiness Manager.
2.Classification Assessment.
3.Certification Process Document used by the applicant.
4.Owner/Operator acknowledgement for the proposed design change.
Delivery Time
10 Business Days.
Terms and Conditions
Refer to GACA AC 021-07 Alterations and Repairs.
Additional Help
The letter of intent should be of sufficient detail to allow the GACA to make the decision to support the project. The content must indicate the following:
1. The nominated persons (i.e. already appointed GACA-DERs, GACA-DARs, FAA DERs or other foreign delegated individuals/organizations) would have sufficient scope of delegation to address the required compliance aspects of the project.
2. Explanation of the purpose of the design change is likely to be advantageous. Identify the locations of removed and of installed equipment and components.
3. Determine if there is any novel and unusual design features will be introduced by the proposed design change.
4. Use of existing approvals as a basis for the GACA RDA (e.g., FAA approval), if applicable.
5. Concurrent Modifications.
6. Location of certification activities.
7. Name(s) of Owner, Operator, Installer, GACA AMO.
8. Estimated project schedule including major milestones.

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