Application for Repair Design Approval (RDA)


This service allows the beneficiaries to apply for a GACA Repair Design Approval (RDA) to be installed on Saudi registered aircraft under the provisions of GACAR Part 21 Subpart E “Repair Design Approvals”, other than repair design issued under Subpart C.

GACA certificated air carrier, air operator or repair station certificated under GACA/FAR Parts 121, 125, 135 or 145, or a GACA/FAR Part 91 Aircraft Owner/Operator who has engineering resources or can obtain engineering services under contract.
1. GACA acceptance to support the project via response to the letter of intent.
2. Familiarity with the RDA Certification process.
GACA AC 021-07 Alterations and Repairs.
Required Documents
1.GACA response to the Letter of Intent
2.Letter of application addressed to Airworthiness Manager.
3.GACA Form 8110-12 Application for Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) and Repair Design Approval (RDA).
4.Preliminary Certification plan including basis of certification.
5.Preliminary Compliance Checklist.
6.Master Data List - Draft.
7.Preliminary Certification Data (as applicable).
8.Preliminary Required Operating Data such as Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement (AFMS).
9.Preliminary Continued Airworthiness Data, includes, but is not limited to: (a) Instructions for Continued Airworthiness. (b) Airworthiness Limitations. (c) Electrical Wiring Interconnection System.
10.Proof of fee payment
Delivery Time
140 Business Days
Terms and Conditions
1. Refer to GACA AC 021-07 Alterations and Repairs. 2. The application for RDA may be subject to a sequencing process due to workload, which may impact the initiation of the project. 3. A GACA RDA project coordination meeting should take place AEAP.
Additional Help
Refer to GACA AC 021-07

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