Saudi Arabian Parts Manufacturer Approval (SAPMA)


This service allows the beneficiaries to apply for a Saudi Arabian Parts Manufacturer Approval (SAPMA) under the provisions of GACAR Part 21 Subpart G to produce replacement and modification for use on Saudi Arabian-registered aircraft. (GACAR § 21.203)

Saudi Arabian aerospace industries producing replacement or modification parts under the provisions of GACAR Part 21.
Familiarity with the FAA PMA certification process.
Interim Measures; as indicated in GACA eBook Vol. 6 Ch. 4 Sec. 1, the SAPMA procedural requirements are based on similar requirements used by FAA (Ref. 14 CFR Part 21, Subpart K) and the following FAA references will be used:
1. FAA Advisory Circular 21.303-4 (as amended), Application For Parts Manufacturer Approval Via Tests And Computations Or Identicality.
2. FAA Order 8110.119 (as amended), Streamlined Process for Parts Manufacturer Approval
3. FAA Order 8110.42D (as amended), Parts Manufacturer Approval Procedures.
Required Forms
Required Documents
1.Letter of application addressed to the General Manager of Airworthiness (*).
2.Part Specific Certification Plan (PartSCP)
3.Draft SAPMA supplement
4.Data Package should include ((*) see additional Help)
5.A separate statement of compliance upon completion of regulatory showings to applicable airworthiness requirements of the eligible product.
6.Quality Manual (if a new PMA applicant, or changes/revisions when applicable).
7.List of proposed designees and GACA concurrences (if required).
8.Company Manual (Handbook, Procedures, Work Instructions) related to the intended certification activities.
9.Approval privileges document (FAA ACO Agreement, FAA ODA, EASA Design Organization Approval, or equivalent) (if applicable).).
Delivery Time
120 business days
Terms and Conditions
1. Applicant must be a Saudi Arabian aerospace industry. 2. For use on Saudi Arabian-registered aircraft only.
Additional Help
The letter of application should be of sufficient detail to allow the GACA to make the decision to support the project. The content must indicate the following:
1.      Provide the name and address of the manufacturing facility for the article;
2.      Identify the replacement article and its original counterpart from a type certificate (TC, STC or Amended Type certificate (ATC));
3.      Identify the makes, models/series of aircraft, engines or propellers eligible for the proposed article or refer to the eligibility listing in an enclosed draft supplement;
4.      State the method of showing compliance with airworthiness requirements (i.e., test reports and computations using either general analysis, or comparative analysis, or a combination of both methods; or identicality without a license agreement);
Stipulate use of a quality system that meets the requirements of GACAR 21.207. If using a previously approved quality system, cite the associated quality manual, its latest revision, and date. See AC 21-43, Production under 14 CFR Part 21, Subparts F, G, K, and O, for further guidance.

(*) Data Package should include:
  1. Drawings with pertinent material and process specifications
  2. Compliance checklist with a qualifying statement per FAA AC 21-51
  3. Test reports and computations on the compliance checklist
  4. Reverse engineering report(s)
  5. Safety Assessment which includes:
  1. Description of the article and its intended function(s)
  2. A qualitative assessment of failure modes and effects
  3. Effect of article failure on the next higher assembly and its performance
  4. Effect of article failure on the product and its performance
  1. Manufacturing Inspection and test procedures (if article is critical or life limited)
  2. Manufacturing Test Results (if article is critical or life limited)
  3. Airworthiness Limitations (if article is critical or life limited)
  4. Life Assessment (applicable to cyclic load environments)
  5. Airworthiness Directives (ADs) or service difficulties involving article
  6. Continued Operational Safety (COS) Plan.
  7. Maintenance Instructions and Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA).
  8. Article Marking [Compliance to GACAR § 45.13]
  9. Test Plans with a draft conformity request when warranted
  10. Evidence of installation eligibility
  11. DER 8110-3 forms (as required)

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