Design Change Acceptance (Major-STC-Change to STC)


This service allows the beneficiaries to apply for GACA acceptance of Design Change under the provisions of GACAR Part 21 Subpart C “Changes to Type Certificates” when a Major Change Approval or Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) is issued by GACA Recognized Foreign NAA (GACAR §21.63 (d)(ii),(iii) & (e).

Foreign STC holders, GACA certificated air carrier, air operator or repair station certificated under GACA/FAR Parts 121, 125, 135 or 145, or a GACA/FAR Part 91 Aircraft Owner/Operator who has engineering resources or can obtain engineering services under contract.
1. GACA Type Certificate Acceptance (TCA)
2. Familiarity with the STC Certification process.
Interim Measures; GACA will review and assess the required documents. GACA will check if any specific additional airworthiness requirements are applicable to the proposed design change and may choose to carry out a compliance inspection of the modified aircraft depending on the outcome of the assessment. More details will be provided by the GACA Certification Project Manager (CPM) assigned to this project. Once found satisfactory, GACA Acceptance letter will be issued.
Required Forms
Required Documents
1.Applicant Letter of Intent addressed to Airworthiness Manager.
2.GACA Recognized Foreign NAA Notification Letter addressed to the General Manager of Airworthiness (For ongoing certification project).
3.Owner/Operator acknowledgement for the proposed design change.
4.Major Change Approval or Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) issued by GACA Recognized Foreign National Aviation Authorities (For Existing Approved Data).
5.Certification Plan & Compliance Checklist
6.Master Data List.
7.Required Operating Data such as Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement (AFMS).
8.Continued Airworthiness Data: (a) Instructions for Continued Airworthiness. (b) Airworthiness Limitations. (c) Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS) Instructions.
9.Certification Process Document used by the applicant (such as FAA ACO Minor Change Agreement or EASA Design Organization Exposition)
10.Proof of fee payment.
Delivery Time
10 Business days.
Terms and Conditions
Only GACA certificated repair stations may perform actual work on Saudi registered aircraft. If the Major Change Approval or STC (issued by GACA Recognized Foreign NAA) is not issued yet, the procedure for Ongoing Certification Project will be used.
Additional Help
1. The letter of application should be of sufficient detail to allow the GACA to make the decision to support the project. The content must indicate the following:
a) Design Approval holder/applicant name and normal place of business;
b) Brief description of the design change project;
c) Aircraft type, serial number and KSA registration marks;
d) Organization that will be responsible for performing the alteration on the aircraft;
e) Location of the aircraft during the STC project;
f) Starting date and duration of the STC project;
g) Whether flight testing will be conducted;
h) Concurrent activities on the aircraft;
i) Request for GACA concurrence for the use an aircraft registered in the KSA as a prototype;
j) Request for GACA concurrence for the use of GACA Recognized Foreign NAA Designees if applicable.
k) Request for any specific information required in support of the GACA Recognized Foreign NAA undue burden process (if applicable);
l) Invitation for GACA participation; and
m) Identification of the Certification Project Manager(s), including their contact coordinates.
2. GACA accepts all design changes (including STC) introduced by the holder of the TC. This is considered to be an automatic acceptance. There is no need to obtain GACA concurrence for the embodiment of such design change into Saudi registered aircraft.
3. The design change criteria stated in this section also apply to repair designs.
4. It is a GACA philosophy regarding design changes issued by GACA Recognized Foreign NAA and to be performed on an aircraft registered in the KSA is to minimize its involvement in the certification process. However, because of its responsibility as the State of registry for the aircraft, the GACA must understand the nature of the design change and might therefore need to participate in some of the activities of certification process to the extent required to secure that understanding on a case-by-case basis. This could include participation in meetings, requests for clarifications following review of design or certification documents, and participation in certification inspections and tests as an observer.

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