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The Directorate-General for aviation licenses is responsible for aircraft registration and cancelation in the National Register, as well as the issuance and renewal of licenses pilots, maintenance engineers, air traffic controllers, and the crewmembers of the aircraft registered in Saudi Arabia. Also the issuance and renewal for English Language Proficiency (ELP) certification.


·         Administration seeks to facilitate the work procedures to transfer all transactions to the electronic system, while the portal of the General Authority for Civil Aviation is complete.
·         Evaluation, analysis, and development of the Saudi Arabian’s record-airman database

Duties & Responsability

1.       Aircraft registration and the abolition of registration in the National Register
2.       Issuance and renewal of licenses flight attendants, pilots, engineers, maintenance technicians, air traffic controllers, dispatchers, and members of the air service crew.
3.       Issuance and renewal of (ELP) certificates.
4.       Issuance and renewal of Crew Members Card (CMC) Support and participate in the investigation of aviation accidents and incidents on request.

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Security Clearance

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This service allows the beneficiaries to acquire a security clearance in accordance with EBook Volume 9. AIRMEN – CERTIFICATION, It is applicable only for initial applications for None-Saudi Airmen. Note: Drones Security Clearance applicants are not excepted.

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