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Aviation Medicine is a medical specialty, which combines aspects of preventive, occupational, environmental and clinical medicine with the physiology and psychology of man in flight. It is concerned with the health and safety of those who fly, crew and passengers, as well as the selection and performance of those who hold aviation licenses.


The Aviation Medicine is responsible for applying a medical certification program; in terms of setting systems and regulations for medical certification and monitoring their implementation, for airmen, in addition to occupational and environmental health and preventive programs for drugs, substances abuse, aviation incidents and accidents, preventive medicine, passengers health, and other programs, thus contributing in achieving GACA’s mission and overall objectives.


Aviation Medicine is aiming at assuring aviation safety through the application of specialized medical and health programs.

Duties & Responsability

The Aviation Medicine has the following responsibilities:

  • Designating qualified medical examiners to issue medical certificates for airmen and air traffic controllers.

  • Approving or disapproving issuance, renewal, suspend or deny of medical certificate, by AMEs, for airmen and air traffic controllers.
  • Issuing authorization of special issuance of medical certificate with time limit for airmen ineligible for medical certification under GACA regulations due to medical condition.
  • Establishing medical consulting committees to review complicated medical cases.
  • Conducting surveillance visits to aviation medical examiners (AMEs) practices to ensure AMEs are practicing according to evidence based medicine and to satisfactory international standards.
  • Participating in incident / accident investigations from the medical part.
  • Participating in the assessment of annual emergency drills in all airports.
  • Providing advisory information in relation to specific assignments or projects (e.g. water safety, food poising, sewerage water, Firemen medical exams…etc.).

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Flight standards-Aviation Medicine

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