Air Transport

Department’s Objectives:

  • Enhancing and coordinating the bilateral agreements 
  • Issuing flights' clearances
  • Developing the air transport industry
  • Monitor and regulate Hajj and Umrah flights
  • Attending joint committees and international organizations    


Air Transportation & International Cooperation Department is responsible for applying rules and regulations and developing the aviation industry, as well as joining all domestic and international activities and Organizations.


Development of air transport through constructing, managing, provisioning and operating airports and the air navigational infrastructure, maintenance of systems, according to the latest, most stringent, standards. Applying rules, regulations and procedures to ensure the safety and security of air transport.


Working towards uplifting the department as a leading management in regard to GACA's vision 

Duties & Responsability

  • Coordinating & communicating with various states (Countries) to approve and discuss the Bilateral Air Service & International Agreements.
  • To authorize flight approval for Scheduled, Non-Scheduled, Private, Government & Military operations at the Kingdom’s Airport.
  • To oversee Hajj Affairs and approve the non-scheduled aircraft or Charters for Umrah & Hajj Pilgrimage.
  • Coordinating with the National and International communities on “Aviation Economic Regulated Matters” – Ministry of Interiors, Ministry of Hajj, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Economics, ICAO, ACI, IATA, EU, GCC, Arab Civil Aviation Community etc.
  • Developing Guideline Manuals towards the growth and development of air transport sector – (Air Transport Policy, Airport Hub Strategy, Slot Manual Guidelines, Aircraft Acquisitions, Airport & ANS infrastructure Management System, Air Service Agreement, Ground handling Operations and Licensing).

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Air Transport

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Tawakkalna Request for Crew members

This service allows national air carriers to register their crew members in Tawakkalna whitelist and also to suspend their registration when needed.
The airlines representer need to enter all the requested information by the General Authority of Civil Aviation.

Issuance of commercial operating flight authorization

This service allows beneficiaries to obtain a commercial operating flight authorization for scheduled or charter flights to transport passengers and cargo for commercial purposes. Additionally this service allows the Air Carriers, which operates scheduled commercial flights, to obtain additional commercial flights (not scheduled) to transport passengers and cargo.

Issuance of private flight authorization

This service allows beneficiaries to obtain flight authorizations for their private Aircrafts with limited number of seats to transport passengers or for selling or purchasing purposes.
Additionally this service allows beneficiaries to request for flight authorization annually, or for landing (both technical and operational) or crossing.

Form 110-2 Foreign Operator (Private 91) (Revised 02/2009)
Form 206 (F) Data Sheet for Foreign Operators (revised 07/2008)
Issuance of diplomatic/military flight authorization

This service allows beneficiaries to obtain flight authorizations for:
  1. Diplomatic Purposes (e.g. transportation of heads of states, ministers, official missions, soldiers, humanitarian aids, UN persons and VIPs).
  2. Military purposes (e.g. combat aircrafts, refuelling aircrafts, transporting of troops and military equipment for the Air Forces, exploratory low or high-rise aircrafts, specially designed aircrafts, military exercises and manoeuvres, and aircrafts engaged in battles and wars in general)
  3. Daily unscheduled activities (e.g. Air cargo, Air Ambulance, aircraft which is carrying fuel tank to refuel other aircrafts or ferry aircraft)
Additionally this service allows beneficiaries to obtain an annual crossing or landing (technical and operational) flight authorizations.

Issuance of an aircraft authorization for governmental purposes

This service allows beneficiaries to apply and obtain flight permits for governmental purposes such as aerial survey, aerial photography, agricultural spraying, weather balloon, and aerial screening.