The Academic Community

The Board of Trustees consists of Their Excellencies


academic community

  • Eng. Abdullah Al-Rahimi, President of the General Authority of Civil Aviation, Chairman of the Council
  • Saleh Turki, Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jeddah, member
  • Dr. Fahad Al-Dhaish, General Organization of Technical and Vocational Training., member
  • Dr. Ahmed Al-Garni, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, member
  • Dr. Musleh Al-Harthy, General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training, member
  • Eng. Ahmed Jazzar, President of Boeing Saudi Arabia, member
  • Captain Mohammed Jamjoom, Saudi Arabian Airlines, member
  • Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Angari, Executive Vice President of the General Authotity of Civil Aviation, member
  • Dr. Mohamed Nowilati, President of the Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation, member and rapporteur

The Board of the Academy Trustees held his first meeting on Saturday 13/1/1430 H. corresponding to 10 /1/2009 , and approved the following:

  1. The academic goals and the organizational structure and the manpower plan of the Academy.
  2. Starting the procedures for the establishment of the Academy's facilities, and activating the organizational structure and job configuration.
  3. Adoption of the specialties and the training programs that will be taught in the academy.
  4. Granting secondary schools scientific graduates or equivalents a higher diploma after three years of basic training at the Academy.
  5. Holding short training courses for upgrading or for the purpose of getting a license to practice a profession and to verify its compliance with the requirements of the job and the approved international descriptions to practice that job.
  6. GACA candidate Dr. Mohammed bin Muslim Nowailati to hold the post of the President of the Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation and to activate the new organizational structure.

In light of the above, thanks to Allah, His Excellency the President of the General Authority of Civil Aviation issued his letter No. 7/4/5/24/104 dated 14/1/1430 H. to adopt the identity of the academy as _The Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation_, and to cancel all other names. Later, His Excellency the President issued his letter No. 7/4/5/24/732 dated on 4/3/1430 H., stating that a number of steps had been taken to activate the Board's decision No. (3 T - 32) on 22/11/1428 H. The most important of all were the training of instructors , the development of new curricula , the provision of new laboratories and the establishment of a number of buildings for classrooms , laboratories and students_ accommodation., All this had been accomplished before the above mentioned meeting of the Board of Trustees ..